Send a Suggestion to The CEO

Our CEO wants to hear from you, our member-owners. Please send us a suggestion through this e-mail form. If your suggestion is accepted and implemented, you’ll receive a $25 account credit.

Here’s how our member suggestion program works: It is only open to current One Nevada members in good standing. You must include your account number at time of submittal. All suggestions must be submitted through this Secure (SSL) form and will not be accepted at any branch location or through regular mail. Suggestions must be intended to improve member service, improve a product or reduce costs. In the case of multiple suggestions about the same subject, only the first suggestion received will receive the award, if applicable. Suggestions should be practical and cost effective. Acceptance or denial of any suggestion will be solely at the discretion of the credit union. Members with accepted and implemented suggestions will receive a $25 account credit.



Please note: In an effort to better protect our members’ personal and confidential information, the state of Nevada now requires e-mail encryption when any sensitive information is sent via e-mail. This means that certain account information may be encrypted when using this form. When receiving a response from us, you may have to log in to a separate website to retrieve your e-mail. You will also have to set up a user name and password to view your e-mail. Please keep this in mind before sending account information through this form.